Crystal Fisher-Talio reviewed Lux Car Wash — 5 star

July 19 at 2:35pm ·

I was pleasantly surprised today with my visit to Lux Car Wash. I had purchased a groupon because if they were not any good I would not be out much money. Money well spent. They eye for detail is very good. I will be back. Thank you Lux for a job well done!

Sasha Britcari reviewed Lux Car Wash — 5 star

February 28 ·

Amazing service amazing friendly staff!!!! They did a great job cleaning and my car looked perfect!! Couldn't be happier! Found my new favorite place!!! And customer service was 5 stars!!! Thank you guys!!!

Rodney Williams reviewed Lux Car Wash — 5 star

May 17 ·

Great quick service at killer prices. Living in Lox means having a dirty car. Now I have an affordable option to have my car look great every day. The monthly unlimited club is by far the best value for money you will find anywhere else. If you live on dirt roads, it is a necessity.

Adriel Zalez reviewed Lux Car Wash — 4 star

April 22 ·

So, this is our first time at this car wash. It recently opened up a few months ago and since it's closer to our house, we thought to try it out. The price that we paid was the $22 dollar package called the 'Works Wash.'

Now let's talk about the wash. We got to the car wash around 11:20 am. The first go through, the car was finished around 11:37 and we noticed that the car was rushed. The dash, transmission area, change/phone holder wasn't really clean, it still had crud and... dust still. But it seems like the armor all that they have was watered down a bit so it didn't make the seats shine. Basically paying the extra money to put armor all within detailing, it isn't really worth it.

After we saw the notices, I think the manager or someone higher up came over and told us if anything was wrong. We told him about the issues, he took charge of the car, he put the car back in line and he cleaned it up even more. This second go through, the car finished around 11:45. This time the car was perfect. If the main detailer put more time in the car, I feel like this issue shouldn't have happened.

Tip: They have a monthly package which is around $45 dollars a month. This gets you unlimited car washes for that month. So you are that type of car person who likes to keep their car clean, it seems like a great and cheap package deal to get.

Overall, the Lux Car Wash staff are friendly, they will help you if you have a problem or even fix anything they have missed during the detail. Me personally, I think they rush too much when detailing/washing. It's not a fast food restaurant where you are in and out within 5 minutes. I feel like when someone comes to a car wash they have time and expect a 35'ish minute wait. It should take AT LEAST 35 - 45 minutes for the car (depending on the vehicle) from start to finish to be done.



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