West Palm Beach Carwash and Auto-Detailing

Lux Car Wash is an all-encompassing auto center, offering a wide-range of cleaning and detailing services. It’s much more than just a typical hose-down, scrub, and rinse car wash—it’s truly an Auto Spa! Whether you’re looking for a more basic clean, a comprehensive hand wash, or interior and exterior car detailing, Lux Car Wash will go beyond your expectations. Your car will be more than dirt-free; it will look fresh out of the display room.

We have three main categories of services to meet every individual need: Full Service, Express Service, and Detail Service. Within each of these categories are multiple options that allow you to pick and choose the services that are most important to you.

Why Lux Car Wash?
Your car is an asset that deserves proper upkeep. Though other carwashes might be able to make the exterior of your car look presentable, they lack the detail and state-of- the-art technology that gets the dirt out of the hard-to- reach places and don’t provide a thorough clean.

Lux Car Wash is the only carwash in West Palm Beach that can provide a complete clean and keeps your car looking and running like new.

Did you know…
Image is important, especially when it comes to asset value, but frequent cleanings are also important for your car’s health! When dirt builds on your car’s paint, it can gradually erode the coating and make the metal more prone to rusting. Cars in more humid areas collect dirt more quickly and can begin to rust even overnight once the clear coat and paint have been damaged. And sea salt is one of the quickest ways to eat away at your layers of clear coating and paint. Because the West Palm Beach area increases many of these risk factors, Lux Car Wash has an unlimited monthly club that allows you to bring your car in everyday for a monthly fee.

Special Offers!
At Lux Car Wash, we offer great deals for loyal customers who want to keep their vehicles looking sharp year-round. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our monthly packages include:
  • Lux Car Wash Club – $45/month (+tax)
  • Large SUV’s and Pickups – $55/month (+tax)
  • Super Wash Club – $35/month (+tax)
  • Shine Wash Club – $25/month (+tax)

Daily discounts include (contact us to learn more):
  • Membership Monday’s
  • Senior Tuesday’s
  • Ladies Wednesdays
  • Men’s Thursdays

We also offer discount gift cards:
  • $50 gift card = $60 value
  • $100 gift card - $120 value

Our carwash will gently and safely cleanse your vehicle while using 100% recycled water. Give us a call at 561-612- 7656 to learn more about our special offers and coupons!

Come in today and experience a truly LUXurious car wash!

We are a  

Certified "GREEN" Car Wash

*We offer a 48 hour clean car guarantee with any exterior car wash. We offer a 72 hour clean car guarantee with any full service or detail service

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

State of the Art Cleaning System

Protect Your Vehicle's Finish

Gentle and Safe

Water 100% Recycled

Locally-Owned & Operated



8AM-7:00PM (MON-SAT)




(561) 612.7656



1950 Golden Lakes Blvd

West Palm Beach FL, 33411